This is a chance for you to strengthen your skills by applying classroom knowledge to real-world projects. You will get expert coaching from professionals with competency development plans, and, at the same time, enjoy real work experience with the G-Able family through six activity formats.

G-Able offers a seminar project to junior-year students or students who take seminar coursework at university. Counted as one academic class, this project encourages students to put knowledge and classroom theories into practice. G-Able designs the coursework and gives students an assignment that will motivate them to think thoroughly while joining us on a real project.

Don’t miss the chance

to gain international

business exposure

International students are also welcomed. G-Able also offers an International internship program for students around the globe. International students will get to experience Thai culture working environment, expand their networks, and gain a better understanding of IT solutions from G-Able. They will get to experience as an expat, working outside their home country.